Naturals, the go-to brand for artisanal ice creams in India, is thrilled to announce its annual Berry Festival, starting on February 2nd, 2024! This is your ticket to a berry-licious journey featuring five irresistible berry varieties: Raspberry, Gooseberry, Blueberry, Black Currant and Mulberry. Naturals has carefully crafted these heavenly delights using handpicked berries, achieving the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, harmoniously blended with rich milk and sugar.

Elevate your senses at the Berry Festival by Naturals ice cream with the exquisite flavours, that captivate every palate

Circle February 2nd on your calendar and head to the nearest Naturals outlet for the grand unveiling of this ice cream paradise. But heres the catch – these mouthwatering treats wont stick around forever. Theyre available only as long as supplies last, so dont miss out on this berry fun fiesta! From the sweet and tangy allure of Blueberry to the tart and juicy explosion of Raspberry, theres a berry catering to every palate.

Naturals, synonymous with top-notch quality and authentic ingredients, has gone all out to bring you this festival of berry bliss. In fact, they’ve spared no expense, selecting only the crme de la crme of premium berries. Its a celebration of the seasons best and juiciest berries – an experience you absolutely cannot afford to miss.

Moreover, these divine flavours arent limited to their outlets alone; they can be delivered straight to your doorstep through food delivery services! So, what are you waiting for Dive into the berry extravaganza and treat yourself to a unique ice cream experience thats sure to leave you craving for more!

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What: Limited Edition Berry Festival by Naturals

When: 2nd February onwards

Where: Pan-India Naturals Store and Online Food Delivery Platforms

About Naturals

Established in 1984 by Mr. RS Kamath, Naturals ( is a pioneer in quintessential fruit-based flavours such as Sitaphal, Tender Coconut, Jackfruit, Muskmelon and Kala Jamun amongst many more. Renowned for high-quality artisanal ice creams right from the start, Naturals was also included in India’s top 10 most trusted brands by a survey conducted by KMPG in 2018. Recently, Naturals was also featured as one 100 Most Iconic Ice Creams by Tasteatlas. Available across 15 Indian states with 165 successful outlets, Naturals has managed to stay true to its tagline ‘Taste the Original’ ever since its inception in the bustling suburbs of Juhu, Mumbai. A revolutionary brand known for crafting delicious and authentic ice creams using just 3 ingredients – Fruits, Milk and Sugar, Naturals is relished by people of all ages and enjoys a pleasant history of innovative flavours and alluring offers. With a vision to evolve and experiment at every level, its ‘Friday Funday Flavour’ property reflects the brand’s adherence to provide new and unique flavours each week. For over 39 years, Naturals has been committed to satiate the taste buds of all ice cream connoisseurs and stick to its “Customer First” legacy.

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