On the occasion of World Skills Day, leading talent assessment firm Wheebox, announced the launch of the 11th edition of the National Employability Test, aimed at empowering final year students of Engineering, Non-Engineering, and Vocational fields across universities, colleges, and vocational and technical centres in India. This initiative is supported by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Taggd by PeopleStrong.

Wheebox National Employability Test

The National Employability Test is designed to evaluate candidates on a comprehensive range of skills essential for todays dynamic job market. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, the test encompasses various critical dimensions, including English Language Skills. All candidates will undergo an AI-enabled video interview to assess their proficiency in the English language, cognitive aptitude, problem-solving capabilities, and logical reasoning skills. Future Skills will be nurtured by evaluating emerging trends and technologies. The test ensures they possess the necessary competencies to thrive in the future workforce. The test also assesses candidates soft skills, such as learning agility, interpersonal skills, and adaptability, which are evaluated to gauge their overall employability. Engineering graduates will additionally undergo Coding skill assessments, while non-engineering candidates will be tested on their domain-specific skills, enabling Government, Academic Institutions, and employers to make well-informed decisions based on their employability report.

To commemorate the occasion of World Skills Day on July 15th, the National Employability Test opens on the same day and will continue until October 30th. All campuses and aspiring candidates can register for the test by visiting the official website, indiaskillsreport.com.

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“Through the 11th edition of the National Employability Test, our teams are providing a unique opportunity for final-year students across various fields to showcase their skills and unlock their potential. The employability report shall enable Governments, Academic Institutions, and Employers to make informed decisions, while also empowering graduates to embark on successful professional journeys,” said Nirmal Singh, CEO of Wheebox.

Speaking on the occasion, he also shared the benefits that the test offers to students like automated resumes, direct employer connections, CII Rozgaar Fair invitations, benchmark reports, and Industry endorsed certificates. Colleges gain industry connections, benchmarking reports, CII Rozgaar Fair invitations, campus branding, and a special participation invite in the new code of education awards.

“We believe in enabling inclusive growth and creating a level playing field for all job seekers, regardless of their educational background. By evaluating candidates on multiple dimensions, we are empowering employers to make informed hiring decisions.”

“This test is a significant step towards nurturing future skills and ensuring that candidates possess the necessary competencies to excel in the rapidly evolving job market. Through this initiative, we are committed to promoting inclusive growth and providing equal opportunities for job seekers across diverse educational backgrounds.”