India’s apex industry body for alternative assets, the Indian Venture and Alternate Capital Association (IVCA), held its third and final in-person learning session for #VC101 in Delhi on July 6th, following two successful sessions in Mumbai and Bengaluru. #VC101 is an industry-led knowledge-sharing programme for first-time fund managers (FTFMs) organised by IVCA in collaboration with Knowledge Partners Price Waterhouse & Co LLP and IC Universal Legal.

IVCA Holds the third and the Final of Its #VC101 Programme in Delhi

Featuring over 100 attendees, the Delhi chapter sought to educate FTFMs on strategic portfolio management, corporate governance, exits, and returns. Spearheading the Delhi edition of #VC101 was Rajan Anandan, Managing Director, Peak XV Partners and Surge, and Chair, Venture Capital Council, IVCA, who was joined by Karthik Reddy, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Blume Ventures, and Chairperson, IVCA; Rema Subramanian, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Ankur Capital, and Executive Committee Member, IVCA; Nilesh Kothari, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Trifecta Capital; Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Founder, Info Edge; Ankur Jain, VP – Finance, Elevation Capital; Ritesh Banglani, Partner, Stellaris Venture Partners; Himanshu Mandavia, Partner, Price Waterhouse & Co LLP; Nipun Khanna, Associate Director, Price Waterhouse & Co LLP; Shatrughna Samaddar, Partner, Advisory Services, Price Waterhouse & Co LLP; Leelavathi Naidu, Partner, IC Universal Legal; Sambhav Ranka, Senior Partner, IC Universal Legal; and Rowena Desousa, Partner, IC Universal Legal.

Rajan Anandan, Managing Director, Peak XV Partners & Surge,and Chair, Venture Capital Council, IVCA, said, “Recognizing the need to establish an industry-led, structured system for educating first-time fund managers, IVCA has designed the #VC101 programme from the ground up. Its success reinforces the industry’s commitment to fostering a vibrant ecosystem for venture capital in India and propelling the nation to become a leading fund management hub globally. This in turn will spur economic growth and create lasting value for investors and entrepreneurs alike.”

“IC Universal Legal is glad to be associated with IVCA as the Knowledge Partner in the industry led knowledge sharing program for the first-time fund managers (FTFMs). #VC101 is an ideal platform for the FTFMs to get practical insights from industry experts to get the right head start. I am excited to cover key topics relevant for FTFMs in terms of structuring their portfolio investments, complex interplay of investment instruments and legal and regulatory considerations in structuring exits. Besides fund structuring, we want to ensure that the FTFMs are well versed in structuring their portfolio investments as well as have clear visibility in terms of their exit strategy and shaping returns from their investments,” said Sambhav Ranka, Senior Partner, IC Universal Legal.

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Through #VC101, IVCA aims to advance India’s venture capital environment and amplify the ‘India opportunity‘. To strengthen India’s start-up ecosystem, it is crucial to establish sustainable and resilient companies, for which portfolio management and corporate governance play a critical role. An understanding of these concepts is, thus, very important for emerging fund managers to achieve success in the industry.

Himanshu Mandavia, Partner, Price Waterhouse & Co LLP, said, “The #VC101 event has been a great platform to interact with first-time fund managers and understand their requirements. Hopefully, this has granted the participants access to some very practical insights on fund-raising and help them plan their journey better.”

This year, the aim of IVCA’s Venture Capital Council is to strengthen fund management practices for VCs and improve the venture capital environment in India. To fulfil this vision, IVCA launched #VC101 to establish an empowered and experienced generation of fund managers in India. Additionally, IVCA recently launched a partnered report: “Start-Up Governance Playbook, which is a comprehensive framework of corporate governance practices to foster a culture of trust and accountability in India’s thriving start-up ecosystem. IVCA’s Venture Capital Council is now planning to create similar programs for seasoned VC funds and deep dive into operational aspects like Model Term Sheets, Share Holder Agreements, Deal Structuring, Risk Management, etc. and deep diving on few topics that were covered in #VC101 as well.

About IVCA

Indian Venture and Alternate Capital Association (IVCA) is a not-for-profit, apex industry body promoting the alternate capital industry and fostering a vibrant investing ecosystem in India. IVCA is committed to supporting the ecosystem by facilitating advocacy discussions with the Government of India, policymakers, and regulators, resulting in the rise of entrepreneurial activity, innovation, and job creation in India and contributing towards the development of India as a leading fund management hub. IVCA members are the most active domestic and global VCs, PEs, funds for infrastructure, real estate, credit funds, limited partners, investment companies, family offices, corporate VCs, and knowledge partners. These funds invest in emerging companies, venture growth, buyout, special situations, distressed assets, and credit and venture debt, among others.