Integrow, the next-generation, tech-driven real estate investment platform, has announced the launch of its Portfolio Management Service (PMS). This comes as its third offering in the product portfolio after successfully launching its Real Estate focused Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) through which it aims to empower investors by providing access to alternatives backed by institutional-grade residential and commercial real estate investments, revolutionizing the way individuals and institutions invest. The real estate focused PMS offers customized investment solutions designed to deliver superior risk adjusted naturally hedged returns aligned with individual goals and risk profiles.

Ramashrya Yadav, CEO and Founder of Integrow

The real estate market in India has experienced significant growth in recent years. With a booming economy, a favorable investment climate, and increasing urbanization, the Indian real estate market presents ample opportunities for superior returns for investors. Bengaluru, often referred to as Indias Silicon Valley, has consistently attracted investors with its mature investor profile and a proactive approach to diversifying into various asset classes. Integrow recognizes this unique investor mindset and presents them with an exciting opportunity to explore unconventional asset classes and achieve alpha returns.

Through its Portfolio Management Service (PMS), Integrow is launching its first multi-asset strategy termed as CREAM Portfolio which would provide an opportunity to invest in Indias buoyant Real Estate segment growth driven appreciation coupled with regular distribution and downside protection for a unique investment experience.

Ramashrya Yadav, CEO and Founder of Integrow, said, “The real estate market in India offers a wealth of opportunities for investors. At Integrow, our mission is to bridge the gap between these opportunities and the investors seeking access to them. What sets Integrows PMS apart is its focus on real estate and pivoted assets, including listed equities, listed debt, REITs. This approach would allow investors to diversify their portfolios and tap into the high-potential Indian real estate market. By leveraging Integrows expertise, cutting-edge technology, and strong partnerships, we are confident in our ability to serve investors and deliver sustainable alpha for our stakeholders.”

With its investment products targeting institutional-grade residential and commercial real estate assets, Integrow aims to disrupt the traditional norms of the industry that have made such opportunities opaque and inaccessible to individual and institutional investors. The companys offerings are designed to deliver sustainable alpha, ensuring value creation for all stakeholders by leveraging the 100+ years of combined investment experience of its partners. Integrow aims to reach out and share its vision of transforming real estate democratization based on authenticity and transparency with the investors and investment advisor community. It aims to educate investors on how to enhance overall investment returns through smart strategies: pursuing superior returns, managing risk, and building the portfolio.

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Integrows target audience comprises a diverse range of individuals and organizations seeking expert guidance, professional management, and wealth maximization in their real estate investment portfolios. This includes individual investors (high net worth individuals, ultra-high net worth individuals, single family offices, multi-family offices, and other individuals in need of specialized services), institutional investors, channel partners (private bankers, investment advisers, wealth managers, and similar professionals seeking expert advice and management solutions for their clients wealth), commercial property owners and real estate developers.

The company’s value proposition lies in its commitment to help investors by offering direct access to high-quality assets. Key highlights of their approach include a seasoned leadership and investment team, unparalleled access to its roster of partnerships, comprehensive evaluations, strategic reporting, active risk management and technology-led investing.

By expanding its focus to markets like Bengaluru, Integrow aims to unlock the regions potential, facilitating real estate investment opportunities for a wider range of investors. The companys commitment to transparency, rigorous due diligence, and active asset management positions it as a trusted partner in the industry.

About Integrow

Integrow is a next-generation, tech-driven real estate investment platform, revolutionizing the accessibility of institutional-grade residential and commercial real estate assets. With a commitment to transparency and active asset management, Integrow empowers investors through its expertise, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled access to alternative investment opportunities. With a seasoned leadership team and a dedication to sustainable alpha creation, Integrow aims to deliver superior results for all stakeholders.