When you hear the name “cancer“, various thoughts may come to mind, such as its fatal nature, the associated pain, chemotherapy, and its side effects. However, what if we told you that it can be treated without experiencing side effects, pain, or undergoing conventional cytotoxic treatments Yes, you read that correctly.


In the pursuit of holistic well-being, two groundbreaking approaches are reshaping our understanding of health: CYTOTRON therapy and the Deerghayu Program.

CYTOTRON Therapy: Precision in Fighting Cancer

CYTOTRON is a non-invasive, breakthrough device delivering computed doses of radio frequency waves and rotational magnetic fields to treat cancer. Its RFQMR Technology disrupts abnormal cell regeneration with no known side effects, earning it USFDAs “Breakthrough Device Designation.

Dr. Anjana Rani Nair, Medical Director at Glia Integrated Healthcare, stated, “CYTOTRON represents a paradigm shift in cancer therapy. It employs cutting-edge RFQMR technology, offering a safe, pain-free, non-invasive and non-toxic treatment option for patients across all stages of cancer. Witnessing the transformation in the lives of our patients has been immensely gratifying.”

Deerghayu Program: Nurturing the Body Naturally

Complementing CYTOTRON Therapy, the Deerghayu Program draws from ancient wisdom, focusing on the bodys innate healing abilities. A daily regimen of fresh organic foods provides essential nutrients, aligning with the bodys natural rhythms.

The Deerghayu Program brings a refreshing perspective to wellness. By combining ancient principles with modern dietary science, it offers a holistic approach that aligns with the bodys inherent healing mechanisms. Its a promising step towards not just treating diseases but fostering overall health,” says Dr. Narendra, Director – Deerghayu Program.

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Harmony in Healing: A Unified Front
Together, CYTOTRON and Deerghayu present a unified approach. CYTOTRON targets cancer at a quantum level, disrupting abnormal cell growth, while the Deerghayu Program nurtures the body with natural goodness. This integration reflects a paradigm shift, acknowledging the bodys ability to heal when provided with both advanced medical technology and time-tested natural practices.

In this marriage of innovation and ancient wisdom, we find a promising path towards a healthier future, where the power of science and nature work hand in hand for our well-being.

About Glia Integrated Healthcare
At Glia Integrated Healthcare, we are dedicated to redefining the way you experience healthcare. Our mission is to provide accessible, high-quality, and patient centered healthcare services. Our unique Deerghayu program empowers Health Seekers to lead healthier and happier lives.

We believe that healthcare should be a partnership, not just a service, and that is the essence of what we stand for.

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