Indias first suspension wheels-driven technology, reducing spinal vibration by 60%, thereby enhancing the comfort of wheelchair users making it one the most innovative technologies today

Rut3 marks a monumental step towards independent living for persons with disabilities by collaborating with Rotary Club, and the Delhi Government,

This is the first ever made-in-India technology to be introduced to PWDs in this category

Rut3’s patented technology aligns with Indian infrastructure, aiming to reduce Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY) by up to 11 years.

Rut3 Engineering Pvt. Ltd., a technology driven startup, unveils its first landmark initiative in cutting-edge wheelchair driven technology. In partnership with Rotary Club and the Department of Social Welfare, Government of NCT of Delhi Rut3 have launched Indias first ever suspension wheels-driven technology at the General Disability Camp. This groundbreaking technology is poised to revolutionize the independent living of persons with disabilities in India.

Cabinet Minister for Social Welfare, Labour, Employment-Raaj Kumar Anand, Mitesh Rasal, Founder Rut3, Shubham Sutar, Co-founder & CTO Rut3 at the General Disability Camp Delhi handing PWDs wheelchairs

Designed and patented with Indian infrastructure in mind, Rut3s unique wheel design features suspensions within the wheels rim, significantly reducing the unwarranted vibrations impacting wheelchair users. Tested rigorously in partnership with IIT Madras innovation centre, this Made in India innovation reportedly reduces spinal vibration by an impressive 60% and can cut Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY) by up to 11 years.

At the heart of this innovation is a compassionate understanding of the daily challenges faced by wheelchair users, who often endure discomfort akin to truck drivers. Rut3s technology focuses on reducing both the physical strain and the economic burden, significantly decreasing chronic medical expenses, maintenance costs, and the overall economic loss,” said Shubham Sutar, Co-founder & CTO Rut3.

Rut3, the Delhi Government and the Rotary Club together distributed state-of-the-art wheelchairs to end users. Rut3 will be seeking real-time feedback from PWDs about their experience using the Rut3 wheelchairs in coming months. Shri Raaj Kumar Anand, Delhi Cabinet Minister for Social Welfare, Labour, Employment lauded Mitesh Rasal, Founder of Rut3 for his active participation and contribution towards PWDs and endorsed the companys efforts towards the cause and the Make In India initiative undertaken by the Rut3 technology team.

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Rut3 Founder, Mitesh Rasal, stated, “Wheelchair users face a tremendous amount of fatigue, stress, and discomfort due to the absence of suspensions, leading to chronic backache, spine injury, and issues with neck ache. Our unique suspensions help focus on the healthcare and mental state of the PWDs and on reducing out-of-pocket expenses for users. The Rut3 wheelchair is an innovative product which will help PWDs save precious income and also enable them to participate in many more in daily activities like a job, family events, etc. Thus alleviating both the familys and the governments health burden.”

The impact of this unique technological advancement extends far beyond mere comfort. One user at the event highlighted how inadequate last-mile infrastructure had restricted his movement, leading to feelings of isolation, depression, and substantial economic loss. With the helps of Rut3 technology he will be able to overcome these challenges in the future.

Rotarian Mukesh G Gupta, speaking at the event, reinforced Rut3s commitment to uplifting the lives of people with disabilities and the elderly; by allowing them to travel confidently across diverse terrains. “With the Rut3 aesthetic design, the wheelchair appeals to the end users. It is focused on encouraging PWDs to embrace life and use wheelchairs in public. Thus it helps PWDs bypass the social stigma around wheelchair use in society,” he said.

According to studies conducted by Rut3, the data collected paints a staggering picture, suggesting that an average person in an ill-suited wheelchair tends to lose 11 economic years, equivalent to a loss of 57 million years across India. Rut3 aims to turn this grim statistic around with its cutting-edge technology. Supported by the Government, Rut3s product development involves extensive research, including inputs from over 200 users, rehabilitation centres, and wheelchair manufacturers.

Rut3 is one of Indias top startups and a winner of prestigious awards like the Atal New India Challenge 1.0 and the Prosus SICA Challenge 2022 (India), in partnership with Social Alpha. By marrying technology with empathy, Rut3 are crafting a path towards an inclusive and compassionate world.