, India’s leading health and fitness brand, today announced the launch of Evolve Yoga, a new evidence-based, transformative yoga format designed to enhance flexibility and mobility. Along with Dance Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Boxing, Burn, and HRX, this addition further establishes’s positioning of being Indias largest and most holistic fitness brand.

Evolve Yoga

Evolve Yoga offers a revolutionary adaptation to the age-old practice of yoga. Based on extensive research and study of movement, it combines traditional yoga poses with the use of a yoga wheel, a versatile prop that provides assistance in stretching, honing flexibility, and improving balance. It also facilitates the opening of the chest, shoulders, and hips. This makes it invaluable for beginners as well as seasoned students looking to deepen their current practice.

Each Evolve Yoga session is expertly designed to last 50 minutes, and features a holistic blend of centering dynamic warm-ups, meticulously crafted sequences, varied yoga poses, breathing techniques and savasana. Moreover, the wheel is just one of the props that will enhance the yoga practice as well as help in effectively performing these sequences and poses. In the coming future, more such props will be introduced to the program.

Evolve Yoga is designed to improve flexibility, breath control and help people recover from intense workouts much more efficiently,” said Rishabh Telang, Fitness Expert, “The usage of props make it easier to get into poses that are otherwise challenging, thereby making the new format very accessible for members who prefer lifting weights or dance fitness as a preferred form of workout.”

As new audiences embrace yoga, there is a need for evolution and adaptation of the art to address for relevance. India continues to be at the forefront of advancing the ancient practice and taking it to new dimensions,” stated Porko Elango, Business Head of “Integrated with specially designed props, Evolve Yoga represents a transformative approach that improves the practitioners well-being with a focus on breathing and flexibility, while also aligning seamlessly with the brands vision of making fitness easy and enjoyable. With this format launch and our upcoming initiatives, we continue to be deeply committed to providing our members a holistic experience with a wide variety of workout formats.”

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Evolve Yoga is currently available in four cities: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Mumbai. Classes are currently conducted in 22 centers, and by the end of September, the format will be made available to 70 centers.


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