AcadAlly, a pioneer of AI-powered tech solutions aims to revolutionise the education landscape by embracing National Education Policy (NEP)-aligned teaching practices and harnessing the power of data-driven analytics to empower students and educators.

Central to this innovative paradigm is anAI and tech-driven personalised learning engine designed to assess individual learning gaps and provide tailored remediation measures. By analysing each students progress and performance, this cutting-edge system identifies areas of difficulty, enabling educators to offer precise interventions that address the unique needs of each learner.

AcadAlly also seamlessly integrates pedagogy, curriculum, and technology – the trinity that forms the backbone of modern education.

Through AI, AcadAlly strives to adapt to a student’s learning process as it unfolds at every step. Specific adaptations can help students make sustained progress in their curriculum by leveraging their strengths and overcoming challenges. It encompasses providing students with feedback on their responses. In addition, AcadAlly uses AI to recognize patterns in data, automate actions and guide educators in understanding how to advance educational goals while evaluating and limiting the risks involved.

Ridhi Agarwal, Founder, AcadAlly

Team AcadAlly envisions a transformation through innovative systemic changes in instructional delivery, leveraging assessment data for targeted interventions, and harnessing technology to reach and inspire each and every student. We are now primed to scale up and meet the diverse learning needs of thousands of schools,” says Ridhi Agarwal, Founder, AcadAlly.

AcadAlly’s learning design engine, LEAP, creates a 3-Dimensional network of all the learning units in a knowledge domain. It is an innovative approach to designing an ontology of learning units, which is agnostic of constraints and boundaries of geography, boards, and user background. Using a nuanced statistical model developed in-house, it generates suggestions on a large scale, based on the inputs of the users. This enables institutions to create, monitor, and translate learning experiences for users. The features of each user are collected based on this network, which generates behavioral patterns for them. This, in turn, allows the teachers to tailor subsequent steps in alignment with the requirements of each student. The learning engine has been filed for a patent in India and is in the process to be filed for the same in other countries across the world.

In an era where education is rapidly evolving, AcadAlly stands at the forefront of innovation, aiming to reshape the foundations of imparting knowledge. The platform’s core focus lies in mitigating learning loss and increasing student engagement which ultimately will set a new standard for educational excellence,” says Yash Prakash, Co-founder, AcadAlly.

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Key features of AcadAlly’s groundbreaking approach include:

NEP-Compliant 21st Century Approaches:AcadAlly aligns its teaching practices with the National Education Policy’s vision, ensuring modern and relevant education.

Engaging Parents as Learning Partners: Parents are involved in the learning journey, receiving reports and recommendations for their child’s progress.

Seamless School-to-Home Learning: Facilitating a seamless learning experience and bridging the gap between school and home learning.

Comprehensively Designed Learning Objectives: The platform structures learning objectives in a coherent manner to facilitate a smooth learning journey.

Data-Driven Root Cause Analysis Through Integrated Assessments: AcadAlly employs data analytics to offer integrated assessments that provide a comprehensive view of student progress.

Continuous Insightful Feedback: Students receive continuous feedback that aids their growth and development and ultimately enhances their learning experience.

Professional Development of Teachers: The platform invests in the growth of educators, supporting their professional development through innovative tools and resources.

Student Development Plan: Students benefit from a tailored development plan, fostering individual growth.

I Can Statements Self-Assessment: Students engage in self-assessment using I Can statements, encouraging self-awareness and ownership of learning.

High-Quality Videos and E-Portfolio: The platform incorporates high-quality videos and e-portfolios to enrich the learning experience.

Data Analytics for Teacher Training: AcadAlly leverages data analytics to enhance teacher training and effectiveness.

Progress of Syllabus Completion: Real-time monitoring of syllabus completion keeps educators and students on track.

Recommendations for Improved Academic Levels: Data-driven recommendations to boost overall academic performance.

Comprehensive Reports and Performance Tracking: Detailed reports allow stakeholders to monitor student and teacher performance effectively.

AcadAlly’s Co-founders, Ridhi Agarwal and Yash Prakash bring a wealth of experience and expertise. Ridhi is a seasoned economist who has over four years of experience in international data analytics, while Yash is an engineering graduate from the prestigious University of Southampton withan MBA from the University of Illinois. Together they share a vision for transforming education through innovation. Leveraging insights from within the education sector, AcadAlly is well-positioned to raise educational standards around the world.