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Approximately 30% of students who fail in the NEET exam may have cleared the same paper another day? Yes, they were capable of clearing the NEET exam,

Do you know, approximately 30% of students who fail in the NEET exam may have cleared the same paper another day? Yes, they were capable of clearing the NEET exam, but they failed. They failed not because they were not able to solve the paper but they failed. Question is, why do students fail in NEET exam, despite capable of clearing the paper?

Instant answer is, many students fail in NEET exam because they didn’t attempt the paper seriously
and made some small mistakes. Very few students keep the tab on their small mistakes or the silly
mistakes as we call them. These small mistakes cost them a year and the resources they invested in
the preparation for the NEET exam. A silly carelessness drove them out of the race for a medical or
dental seat in a reputed college or the university. We should know what these mistakes are and how
to avoid them.

Not reading the NEET questions properly

Sometimes students are in a haste. They don’t read the question properly. They fail to read, what
the examiner is actually asking. Sometimes they had a question pre-set in their mind and they don’t
even feel that the examiner may have changed the language of the question. In a hurry, they fill the
wrong choice for the answer. The result is, they get minus one number instead of getting the full
four marks denoted for the question. Hence, the four marks that may have put the student into the
merit actually costs him five marks, i.e. four for the correct answer and minus one for the wrong

Mistakes students commit while doing the calculations

No one knows what overconfidence can do to the aspirant, but most of the time it results in a loss.
Without properly reading the question or without crosschecking the digits, sometimes students
make silly addition or subtraction mistakes. These small errors lead to negative marks, instead of
getting some extra marks on the score sheet. Assume, you scored 588 and attempted one such
answer where you made such a silly mistake?

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Time Management while attempting the NEET paper

It is a big issue. Sometimes we devote some extra time to a typical question. At the same time, we
would have attempted four or five answers. The result is, we couldn’t complete the paper in time
and thus fail. So, always keep a tab on time and keep the complex problems for the last 15 minutes
of the paper. First, resolve all the easy questions and score as much as you can.

Filling the OMR Answer Sheet in NEET Exam

Two mistakes students commit while filling the OMR sheet are, they fill the bubble in haste or they
the bubble incorrectly. Though the OMR reader reads the half-filled bubble also, there is a chance
that it may misread it or completely ignore it. Also, filling a wrong choice in haste is a blunder. So,
crosscheck the answer and fill the right bubble, and that too properly.

Avoid filling the bubbles at the last time in the NEET exam

Sometimes you may have solved the entire paper but you fail to fill the complete
answer sheet because time is over. As the result, the sheet is snatched and the paper remains

Confidence in yourself while attempting the NEET exam

Keep your emotion in control. Never lose patience and confidence in yourself. Maybe you don’t
know the answer to the first five or ten questions, but maybe you may solve enough questions to get
the cut-off list clear.

So, avoid these silly mistakes and crack the NEET easily. For more such articles, visit our blog here. To
know more about NEET Exam and its preparation, click here.

  • Noor Nawaz Khan is an educationist and the founder of Delhi based Hind Group of Institutions.
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