Kushal’s, India’s leading fashion jewellery brand, unveils it’s Mother’s Day Collection celebrating the timeless bond between mothers and daughters. The lineup offers a stunning array of curated jewellery pieces designed to captivate hearts embodying the essence of style and elegance.

Kushals Fashion Jewellery Unveils Exquisite Mothers Day Collection

With meticulous attention to detail, Kushal’s Mother’s Day Collection is carefully curated, featuring an exquisite range of designs including necklaces, earrings, kadas, and bracelets, all crafted with precision and care. Whether its the delicate allure of antique pearl drop earrings, emitting an understated charm, or the dazzling elegance of an encrusted necklace, from enduring pendants to streamlined bracelets; these jewelry pieces are poised to become treasured additions to every mothers ensemble.

Kundan jewelry, embellished with a resplendent gold finish, captivating zircon sets gleaming in luminous rose-gold accents-each piece embodies a sense of refined grace. Elaborately woven floral motifs adorn the antique jewelry collection, evoking an aura of timeless beauty. Meanwhile, rhodium-finished sterling silver pieces showcase contemporary silhouettes that exude effortlessly chic sophistication.

Ankit Gulechha, Director – Marketing at Kushal’s, said, “I am thrilled to introduce our Mothers Day Collection, which embodies Kushal’s ethos of elegance, craftsmanship and love, offering a diverse array of jewellery pieces meticulously designed to celebrate all remarkable mothers. As a one-stop destination for fashion jewellery, we are committed to providing a wide variety of options. From modern classics to statement pieces, the collection is a reflection of the enduring love and appreciation we hold for the women who inspire us every day.”

Kushal’s commitment to championing self-expression and confidence in every woman is evident as the brand encourages corporate working mothers to indulge in the act of self-gifting, thus recognizing the importance of nurturing ones own spirit amidst the hustle of daily life. With meticulously crafted Sterling Silver pieces like floral cluster necklace, dainty earrings with leaf motifs, chain bracelets with drop designs, Kushal’s offers more than just accessories. It offers a symbol of strength, resilience, and individuality. Embracing classic designs like clean lines, geometric shapes and sleek silhouettes that speak volumes, these pieces are a perfect companion for women who seamlessly navigate between boardrooms and family life, exuding effortless style with every step they take.

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Understanding that each jewellery gift holds a unique sentiment and story, Kushal’s has recently introduced Wrapped By Kushal’s onwww.kushals.com. Through this new feature, consumers can add a heartfelt touch to their Mothers Day gifting. From video messages that convey emotions in the most authentic way, to personalized message cards that capture sentiments along with bespoke packaging options that elevate the Mothers Day gifting experience. With Wrapped By Kushal’s every jewellery item becomes an expression of love, thoughtfulness, and appreciation crafted to delight both the giver and the recipient.

Kushal’s is committed to offer a smooth omni-channel presence, ensuring a seamless shopping experience both online and offline. The Mothers Day Collection is conveniently available at 85+ experiential brand stores located in over 25 key cities across India, as well as on the brands online website www.kushals.com.

About Kushal’s Fashion Jewellery

Since its establishment in 2007, Kushals has distinguished itself as a fashion and silver jewellery brand dedicated to catering to various aspects of a womans life, including workwear, partywear, bridal attire, and everyday casual elegance. Offering a diverse range of jewellery spanning necklaces, earrings, finger and toe rings, and more. At present, Kushals has established 85+ stores in over 25 cities across the country, and it continues to rapidly expand its retail presence throughout India. Kushal’s presently operates in cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Chandigarh, Indore and many others in India. Additionally, customers can conveniently make purchases online through www.kushals.com