On the occasion of National Doctors Day, Pristyn Care and Lybrate Data Labs have unveiled the results of an insightful study conducted among over 700 general surgeons across India. The findings shed light on critical issues affecting the medical community, including compensation discrepancies, medical infrastructure challenges, and the prevalence of burnout.

The study reveals that 48% of doctors experience burnout while striving to maintain a healthy work-life balance

The study reveals a noteworthy statistic, indicating that a significant 65% of surgeons in India are dissatisfied with the current state of the medical infrastructure. Additionally, a substantial 86% of general surgeons in India express discontent with their compensation when compared to their counterparts in Western countries. This significant discrepancy raises concerns regarding the retention of talented professionals and the potential exodus of skilled medical professionals from the country.

Among the key findings, the study reveals that 48% of doctors experience burnout while striving to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Contributing factors to burnout include burdensome administrative tasks, lack of support and resources, and the emotional and psychological stress inherent in the medical profession.

Additionally, the study uncovers patients fears and concerns related to general surgery. According to doctors surveyed, the most prominent patient fears include pain and discomfort associated with surgery, apprehension about scarring and physical changes, as well as complications related to anesthesia. In order to ensure patients are well-informed and educated about their surgical options and potential risks, 60% of surgeons still utilize face to face discussions with the patient and their family as revealed by the study. In clinical practice, laparoscopic surgery has emerged as the leading minimally invasive technique among surgeons in India, accounting for a significant majority of cases at 80.05%.

Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor, Co-founder of Pristyn Care, shared his thoughts on the studys insights, saying, “We embarked on this comprehensive study with a determined objective of gaining profound insights into the intricate dynamics of surgeons as they navigate the delicate balance between their personal and professional lives. Our overarching goal was to shed light on the multifaceted challenges faced by surgeons in India, including the pressing issues of lower compensation and inadequate medical infrastructure. At Pristyn Care, we firmly believe in the core principle of prioritizing the holistic well-being of our esteemed doctors, consistently striving to provide a supportive environment that nurtures their personal growth and professional fulfillment. We have implemented a range of initiatives aimed at supporting the mental and physical well-being of our esteemed doctors. These initiatives include the introduction of doctor counseling programs, providing comprehensive medico-legal support, ensuring guaranteed pay and opportunities for growth and career advancement, implementing mandatory breaks and leaves, fostering a supportive environment for continuous learning and development, prioritizing skill enhancement programs, and, above all, relieving doctors from the burden of patient acquisition and the associated stress.

This extensive study encompassed general surgeons practicing in major metropolitan areas as well as tier 2 cities. Its findings shed light on the critical issues surrounding work-life balance for medical professionals and patient concerns regarding general surgeries. Healthcare practitioners operate under immense pressure in high-risk environments, and studies consistently emphasize the detrimental effects of emotional exhaustion, burnout, and fatigue. Taking personal time and regular breaks have proven effective strategies for combating these challenges.

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As we commemorate Doctors Day, let us reflect on the immense dedication and sacrifices made by doctors, and collectively strive to create an environment that supports their professional growth and personal well-being.