Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), USA one of the three divisions of Cognia, world’s most prestigious accreditation agency, a non-profit, non-partisan organisation, with a network of 40000 plus schools in over 85 countries, positively touching the lives of over 2 million educators and 20 million learners by deploying rigorous learner-centric standards of school performance to create educational excellence.

Northwest Accreditation Commission, USA Collaboration with New Education Policy

Mr Seyduddin, Director, Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), USA Regional Office, a leading accreditation body, expressed his pleasure, appreciation and support for the new education policy, NEP2020, recently introduced by the Government of India. He appreciated the policy being comprehensive and a significant step towards transforming the education landscape in India, with a particular focus on enhancing the quality of early childhood education.

Under the NEP2020, the Government of India has taken a commendable initiative by implementing stringent regulations for pre-schools to ensure a standardized level of excellence. These guidelines aim to establish uniformity across pre-schools, ensuring they adhere to a set of high-quality parameters. By implementing these standards, the NEP2020 aims to maintain and improve the quality of education provided at the pre-school level.

The Northwest Accreditation Commission, USA Regional Office wholeheartedly welcomes this new policy as it aligns with our mission to promote and maintain high educational standards worldwide. We believe that quality education in early childhood is fundamental to the overall development of children, lays a strong foundation for their future academic and personal success.

NWAC, USA Regional Office ‘Performance Standards’ are the manifestation of our belief that high quality learning can be instrumental in transforming the educational system. The NWAC ‘Performance Standards’ lay focus mainly on three domains: Leadership, Learning and Resource capacity of educational institutions. Implementation of these standards can serve as barometer for measuring the quality of education – the ultimate vision of the NEP2020.

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With the implementation of NEP2020, pre-schools in India will be required to meet rigorous quality standards set by the Government of India. This regulation will ensure that all pre-schools provide an environment conducive to learning, with a focus on the holistic development of children. By establishing a standardized framework, the NEP2020 aims to create a level playing field and foster educational excellence in early childhood education across the nation.

As an esteemed accreditation body, the Northwest Accreditation Commission, USA Regional Office is committed to supporting educational institutions from K to K 12 worldwide in their pursuit of excellence. We look forward to support pre-schools in India by collaborating as they strive to meet the prescribed quality parameters and achieve accreditation. Our team of experts stands ready to provide guidance, support, and evaluation services to assist pre-schools in their accreditation journey.

We applaud the Government of India for its vision and commitment to improving the education system through the implementation of NEP2020. The Northwest Accreditation Commission, USA Regional Office extends its warmest wishes to all stakeholders involved in the successful execution of this transformative policy.