Parimatch, the #1 global gaming platform, is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with one of the most popular Indian actresses, Kajal Aggarwal, renowned as a Youth Icon of South Indian Cinema, a Fashion Icon, and the Most Desirable Woman. The collaboration is set to span one year and will see Kajal Aggarwal taking on the role of Global Brand Ambassador for the company.

Kajal Aggarwal Joins Forces With Parimatch: A Sparkling Collaboration

Being a public favorite known for her charisma, elegance, and star power, Kajal Aggarwal will play a pivotal role in elevating Parimatchs global presence and reach.

With an impressive portfolio of over 60 movies spanning Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi films, teaming up with Kajal aims to touch the hearts of a multi-million diaspora of Indians worldwide and skyrocket Parimatchs brand awareness.

Kajal Aggarwal embodies the spirit of excellence and versatility, which perfectly resonates with the company brands commitment to providing top-tier entertainment. By joining forces, Parimatch and Kajal Aggarwal will amplify each others strengths, creating a synergy that will make both shine even brighter in their unique perspectives.

It’s a pleasure to join hands with Parimatch, a gaming platform that shares my passion for excellence and entertainment. This journey as the Global Brand Ambassador is a remarkable opportunity, and Im excited to lead the way in redefining gaming to new heights!” commented Kajal Aggarwal.

The partnership is set for a one-year period. During this exciting journey, the world-renowned actress will be the central figure in a large-scale brand awareness campaign for Parimatch. This vivid union signifies Parimatchs commitment to providing an exceptional online gaming experience to its users while aligning with the values and appeal of a beloved Indian celebrity. It brings together the best of both worlds, forming a powerful blend that embodies the true spirit of entertainment.

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About Parimatch

Parimatch is the world-leading igaming company founded in 1994. The company has come a long way and is continuously developing and improving the quality of its customer experience, which is enjoyed by over 2.6 million users across Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.