Impact Guru, Indias leading medical crowdfunding platform, and Makers Hive, a trailblazing social impact startup, have announced their collaborative effort in launching the transformative campaign, “Kal Ki Asha“. This joint initiative aims to empower lives and create a monumental impact by providing 100 KalArm Bionic hands to individuals who are unable to afford them.

Impact Guru and Makers Hive collaborate for Kal Ki Asha campaign

Kal Ki Asha” encapsulates a collective vision of extending a helping hand to those in need. The campaign, which went live on August 15th, 2023, Indias Independence Day, stands as a beacon of hope for countless individuals striving to overcome physical limitations and reach their aspirations.

At the heart of the campaign is KalArm, an extraordinary innovation that is both revolutionary and compassionate. Named in tribute to the visionary Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, KalArm is not only Indias first bionic hand but also the worlds most affordable bionic hand.

A bionic arm is an electromechanical device that attaches to the human body and attempts to replicate the functionality of a natural arm or hand. Bionic hands convert electrical impulses from the muscles in the upper arm into movement powered by motors in the hand, enabling people to function naturally.

Traditional bionic hands can cost between INR 40-60 lakhs, but Makers Hive has engineered KalArm to make it 10 times more affordable while offering the same advanced features. This ground breaking creation ensures that the gift of mobility and independence is accessible to individuals who are unable to afford them, empowering lives and creating a profound social impact.

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This initiative resonates with the vision of Impact Guru and Makers Hive, as it underscores their dedication to social transformation and inclusivity. By combining Impact Gurus expertise in medical crowdfunding and Makers Hives visionary approach to social innovation, “Kal Ki Asha” aims to raise awareness and funds to provide KalArm Bionic hands, Indias first bionic hands, to individuals who have lost their hands due to accidents, disabilities, or other unfortunate circumstances.

Im thrilled with Makers Hives amazing Kal Ki Asha initiative, which perfectly aligns with our core value of creating impactful change. This crowdfunding campaign for 100 KalArm bionic arms exemplifies the fusion of technology and compassion. Each contribution propels us towards a future where innovation restores not just limbs, but also hope and independence for those in need,” said Piyush Jain, Co-founder and CEO of Impact Guru.

Echoing this sentiment, Pranav Vempati, Founder and CEO at Makers Hive stated, “We are honoured to join forces with Impact Guru for this noble cause. Kal Ki Asha embodies the essence of empowerment, unity, and progress. Through this collaboration, we aim to inspire a brighter tomorrow for individuals who have faced adversity.”

As part of this movement, we urge all celebrities, social media influencers, and individuals from all walks of life to come forward and support this noble cause. Your support and donations will directly impact the lives of those in need and contribute to a more inclusive society.

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