April 19, 2024

Sanosan Baby, a renowned German brand specializing in exceptional baby care products, has gained widespread acclaim and captivated the Indian market. With its unwavering commitment to quality and a product range built on natural ingredients, Sanosan Baby has established itself as the preferred choice for discerning parents in India.

Product range of Sanosan Baby

Since its launch in India by Glowderma, one of India’s leading pharmaceutical companies in skincare, Sanosan Baby has quickly become the top preference for Indian mothers seeking the finest baby care products. The brand has amassed an impressive customer base, earning the trust and satisfaction of over One Lakh Indian mothers within a year.

Sanosan Baby products stand out due to their exclusive portfolio of natural-ingredients-based products. Meticulously developed for delicate baby skin, each product combines the best of natures offerings. The exceptional quality of Sanosan Baby products is backed by the use of organic Olive Oil and Milk Proteins, known for their protective and soothing properties, ensuring optimal care and nourishment for babies.

Sanosan Baby has exceeded expectations not only in metropolitan areas but also in tier-I and tier-II cities within a remarkably short span of time. Driven by a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Sanosan Baby continues to expand its presence aggressively, reaching even the smallest towns across India.

What sets Sanosan baby products apart is the incorporation of natural milk protein in each and every product. This exciting ingredient provides gentle care for delicate baby skin, forming a protective layer, reducing moisture loss, and delivering a 24-hour moisturizing effect. Furthermore, Sanosan products are free from harmful chemicals like parabens, silicones, paraffins, SLS/SLEs, or phenoxyethanol, offering parents complete safety of babies and peace of mind to parents. The brands commitment to environmental sustainability is evident as all Sanosan formulas are also completely biodegradable.

Expressing pride in Sanosan Babys growing footprints and exceptional success in India, Mr. Rajendra Mehta, Glowdermas Director- Sales & Marketing said, “Sanosan Baby stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional baby care products. We take great pride in witnessing the trust and satisfaction of Indian parents who have chosen Sanosan for their babies. Our consumer base has grown significantly since the launch in India, which demonstrates the quality and care that our brand offers. We understand the importance of selecting the best for your little one, and Sanosan ensures the highest standards of quality and care.”

Sanosan, originating from Mann & Schroder Cosmetics (M&S Cosmetics) in Germany, a renowned family-owned company established in 1951, has a global presence in over 70 countries. Known for manufacturing supreme quality products across various categories, M&S Cosmetics has built a legacy of excellence, offering more than 2,000 different products.

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To further enhance its exceptional reputation, Sanosan Baby is soon launching an exclusive Gift Hamper tailored specifically for Indian baby skin. This thoughtfully curated hamper combines Sanosan Babys acclaimed product range to provide new parents with a complete baby care solution designed to meet the unique needs of Indian babies delicate skin. The comprehensive gift hamper includes the beloved Sanosan Baby two-in-one Bath & Shampoo for gentle cleansing of both skin and hair, Moisturizing Baby Care Lotion, Care Oil, and the nourishing Sanosan Baby Care Cream, catering to the specific requirements of delicate baby faces.

Sanosan Baby continues to set new benchmarks in baby care, delivering products that symbolize care, affection, and an unwavering commitment to providing the very best for newborns. The brands dedication to quality, safety, and the use of natural ingredients has made it the trusted choice of Indian parents.

About Sanosan

Sanosan baby care brand was launched in Germany in the year 1983. Parents all around the world trust Sanosan for the gentle cleansing and care of the sensitive skin of baby. Natural ingredients such as hydrolysed milk protein & organic olive oil with their protective, soothing properties form the basis of product formulas. Every Sanosan product contains combinations of natural substances developed especially for delicate and sensitive baby skin. All Sanosan products have been clinically tested and are produced only in Germany with a high level of diligence and responsibility. Entire production process of Sanosan is subjected to the strictest quality control.

About Glowderma

Glowderma Lab Private Limited (Glowderma) is based in Mumbai, India. A leading pharmaceutical company, Glowderma started its operations in 2003 with a vision to attain leadership in the field of dermatology by launching trusted, innovative, and safe products. Glowderma is known for its highest WHO GMP quality standard operations and extensive research based on the feedback of its valued customer. Glowderma understands the social responsibility towards patient safety and hence it started “MISSION NO PARABEN” by making all products paraben free. Glowderma has 800+ pan-India distribution networks along with 400+ enterprising Glowdermians and these numbers are growing.

For more information, please visit: sanosanbaby.in.