Guests from India can experience a film set, go snowboarding, taste delicacies, learn the secrets of longevity and much more at the Moscow Urban Forum (MUF-2023). The forum commenced on 1 August and is ongoing till 10 September. This year’s event is the largest in its history as it is held simultaneously across four venues: Luzhniki Olympic Complex, Zaryadye Park, Manege Exhibition Hall, and Gostiny Dvor. Besides the business programme, the forum includes many educational, cultural, and entertainment events.

A live concert taking place during the Moscow Urban Forum 2023

Of the four venues, the most diverse programme is happening in the Luzhniki Olympic Complex with over 350 scheduled events. Travelers are bound to be captivated by a whirlwind of concerts, plays, dance shows, exciting quests, and more. For example, film fans will be offered to walk around the film citys sets and even take part in improvised shootings. In addition, an ice rink made of synthetic ice and slides for tubing and snowboarding is organized for active recreation enthusiasts. By counting on the guidance of professional athletes, even beginners will be able to conquer the snowy slopes.

An excavator show will take the audience’s imagination to the next level: a skilled operator will illustrate how a simple bucket can seal a matchbox, slice through fruit, and even uncork a glass bottle. For those who adore their canine companions, a world of captivating insights awaits about nurturing their four-legged friends as seasoned dog trainers will unveil the art of effective pet training, showcasing their expertise through engaging demonstrations.

For younger travelers, the forum holds a treasure trove of enthralling experiences. At Luzhniki, an exciting chance awaits to master the art of modeling computer game characters and delve into the realm of car and motorbike design. Meanwhile, within the interactive sandbox, children can unleash their creativity by creating sculptures and even embarking on thrilling archaeological excavations.

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The guests of all ages will be able to ride on a Ferris wheel as high as a nine-storey building, as well as enjoy gourmet dishes and delicacies during this gastronomic festival on all days of the forum.