CB Physiotherapy, Indias leading physiotherapy network, is proud to announce its rapid expansion across the country, with a presence in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Jammu & Kashmir. This growth reflects CB Physiotherapys commitment to delivering top-quality, integrated physiotherapy care to a diverse range of patients.

CB Physiotherapy Greater Kailash Team

Initially, CB Physiotherapy relied on partner clinics to provide its services. However, it has now shifted focus to establish self-owned and operated clinics, enabling greater control over care quality. This journey began with the launch of an Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic in Safdarjung, Delhi, and recently expanded to a new center in the Greater Kailash Area. The company plans to open three more clinics in South Delhi by the end of 2023.

CB Physiotherapys approach sets it apart from traditional providers. Its therapists adopt an “integrated approach” to treatments, addressing not only pain but also ensuring continuity in care. Dr. Palak Gupta, Senior Physiotherapist at CB Physiotherapy Center in Greater Kailash, explains, “Our goal is to help patients live symptom-free lives and prevent future symptoms.”

We believe in empowering our patients,” says Saquib Lachoo, Founder of CB Physiotherapy. “Our approach is not just about alleviating pain but uncovering the root causes to ensure lasting relief.

The inspiration for CB Physiotherapys innovative approach came from Saquib Lachoos own experiences with sedentary lifestyles and careers. He identified a gap in the market: while many places offered pain management solutions, few addressed the root causes. This led to the creation of “ActivPT“, an exercise prescription app offering personalized exercise programs for each patient, adaptable as needed.

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CB Physiotherapy operates on three key systems:

Comprehensive Assessment System: This system aims to determine the root cause of symptoms for targeted and effective treatment.

Accessible Expert Care: Patients can receive expert care at CB Physiotherapy clinics or in their homes, all monitored by highly trained professionals.

Exercise Prescription: CB Physiotherapy empowers patients to adhere to prescribed exercises crucial for managing and preventing symptoms.

With a growing patient base of over 10,000 individuals benefiting from CB Physiotherapys services since its 2018 inception, the company remains committed to making high-quality physiotherapy accessible across India. CB Physiotherapy is redefining physiotherapy care, offering a holistic approach that enhances patients quality of life.

About CB Physiotherapy

CB Physiotherapy is Indias fastest-growing network of physiotherapy clinics, offering high-quality, integrated care across Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Jammu & Kashmir. Their innovative approach focuses on root causes and preventing symptom recurrence, with a comprehensive assessment system, accessible expert care, and personalized exercise prescriptions through the ActivPT app.