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She was not at all a reserved and introverted girl. Her adorable conversation and sense of humor was famous in our native village. So, all the people used to call her talkative Princess.

It was raining heavily in the early morning and I was supposed to get dressed up to meet her. As I was very anxious to see her after the gap of almost one decade. What happened next? Read the narration by Ejaz Mir

Suddenly, my sister asked me to stop for a while. The overcast conditions of the bad weather didn’t allow me to went outdoors. So I had to stop myself indoors, waiting badly for the improvement of the weather. The restlessness and anxiety to see her face was pinching my soul and my heartbeat started to grow much faster than normal. Now, even a matter of seconds in her wait seemed to me the decades and generations gape time.

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I was lost in the world of imagination and my senses tried to recollect her decade-before memories. Her behavior was soft, fragile, humorous, and full of fun. She was not at all a reserved and introverted girl. Her adorable conversation and sense of humor was famous in our native village. So, all the people used to call her talkative Princess.

Lost in her memories, my sister knocked on the door of my room and asked me, “Baiya rain has stopped now.” Listening to her loud voice, I was jerked and came to my actual senses. I left my room hurriedly and went outside and to my utter surprise, I saw the bright sunshine in the sky. It was so bright outside and I was overjoyed because I tried to recall the hopeful memories of the past and was relating them with the shining sun. It was about 11 am when I left for the railway station to receive her. Meanwhile, I booked an auto rickshaw and started my journey. I was dressed up in beautiful attire and the fragrance of scent on my clothes seemed to spread in the air. I was so happy, with half smile on my face. The driver was noticing my facial expressions and asked me, “I think, you are in love?” I got puzzled and tried to avoid his question looking here and there. But finally, I replied ” Uncle, no, no..! Meanwhile, I tried to react very smartly and asked the driver, “had he ever been in love?” The rickshaw driver laughed at me and replied with both yes and no! It surprised me and I objected, “What do you mean by yes and no?” He said that by yes he means that he fell in love and no meant he couldn’t marry her. I saw tears in his eyes while he was about to complete his talk. He further replied, ” Dear! love is a beggar, it can know any door but sometimes none of the doors opens.” The brief conversation with him shakedown my heart and left me in a tattered condition and emotionally broken down.

I was shivering now and started to feel hapless. The hope of despair and sadness overshadowed me. The severe gloom started to overlap me. I felt depressed and dejected now. The brief conversation with the driver took me into the valley of the abyss. Suddenly he called out for me and asked for the rent. I came into my actual consciousness and found that the railway station has already arrived. I paid the rent and thanked him, half-heartedly. When I started to walk through the lane of the railway station, suddenly about 20 feet away, my eyes caught the sight of a beautiful girl. In a gip, I started to run at my fullest speed. When I reached her, she looked at me with her eyes full of tears. I stared at her and a tall handsome young man by her side and a little girl.?

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The earth began to shake beneath my feet and befallen crests on my head, I recalled the exact words of the rickshaw driver. “Love is a beggar, it can knock on any door”. I cried but not a single tear happened to fill my eyes. Perhaps, it was because of ever happened setback to me. The incident filled me with ultimate trauma, dejection, depression, and hopelessness. The love, for whom I treated my ultimate happiness slides away from me forever. I opened my eyes from the dream, asking her,” she is my ultimate beloved!”

To be honest, I felt that someway down the line, there are many such love stories. But as a writer, I have touched on the emotional part of it. True love is a real blessing. It never ends and has a severe impact on our lives. It may be in any form, even sometimes it may be the attachment to our pet animals also. True love and real emotions are going to be the toughest part and aspects of our life. But whosoever gets affiliated with its sweetest nature will never deny or denounce it. That is why it is said that man can’t live in isolation.

To live a meaningful and purposeful life one should know the essence of true love. In many instances, cooperation and compromises are the core solution to save the relationships. True love is unconditional and its goodness can be determined in the form of care and sympathy. The basis of true love is to respect the feelings of one another. The showcase of anger can cause damage to true lovers. Feeling the pain, enjoying the happy moments, and sharing the joy and tears with one another is the essence of true love. As a writer, I came to the conclusion that even a bit sort of attachment and feelings in the core friendship is also rejoiced and overlapped with true love. Love does not love that finds alteration! True love never ends!

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