Iranian missile IRGC Commander Hajizadeh 3423
Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Amir-Ali Hajizadeh has claimed that the latest Iranian missile can incapacitate enemy missile defence systems.

A Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has claimed that the latest Iranian missiles can incapacitate enemy missile defence systems for years. Brigadier General of the Aerospace Force, Amir-Ali Hajizadeh said this while attending an exhibition related to the achievements of the force.

Earlier this month, Hajizadeh had said that his country has developed hypersonic ballistic missile. This fully indigenous missile is capable of penetrating sophisticated aerial defence shields and striking designated targets. Now, the claim has been made amid rising tensions with the USA and its western allies over the nuclear deal.

Iranian Missile Qaem 100
Successful test of Qaem 100 on Nov 05. Photo Courtesy: Press TV

“The Aerospace Force of the IRGC has managed to achieve a remarkably high level of deterrence in the area of missiles, air defence systems, aircrafts, drone, radar and space industries”, said Amir-Ali Hajizadeh while adding that “the latest [supersonic missile] achievement of Iran is capable of disabling missile defence shields of the enemy.” the Iran commander said.

Hajizadeh appreciated the people associated with the Iranian Missile programme. He also boasted that Iranian missiles are capable of penetrating any air defence mechanisms, including that of United States, the Zionist regime of Israel and their allies in the region.
“The new missile can pass through all missile defence systems, and I don’t think that the technology capable of countering it will be achieved in the decades to come. It can target the enemy’s anti-missile systems, and its production marks a huge leap in the development of a new generation of missiles,” said Hajizadeh.

Iranian missile programme has remained a concern of Israel, USA and their allies. Iran has claimed a constant progress in the sector. The Iranian military experts and technicians in the recent years have made a substantial headway in manufacturing a broad range of indigenously developed equipment. Iran claims that its forces self-sufficient in the arms sphere.

Very recently, Iran has successfully tested a three-stage solid fuel suborbital carrier, on November 5, 2022. Named as Qaem 100, the small lift launch vehicle has been developed by the IRGC. Qaem 100 is capable to put a satellite weighing 80 kg (180 lb) into a 500 kilometres Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

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