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Even after almost a decade-and-a-half, Indians shall never forget the dastardly 26/11 terrorist attack in India's financial capital, Mumbai.

Even after almost a decade-and-a-half, Indians shall never forget the dastardly 26/11 terrorist attack in India’s financial capital, Mumbai. Many innocent lives were lost and the loss would have been much greater if not for the bravery and sacrifice of NSG and Mumbai Police Bravehearts.

Late Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s family honored in Mumbai

Even after 14 years of the 26/11 attack in Mumbai, it still feels like the horror happened just yesterday. For three consecutive days, the city of Mumbai saw bloodbath that had no precedence in recent history. Even those who viewed the attacks on television news channels had shivers down their spine. Seeing the body of fellow citizens strewn around made it very personal for everyone.

Devendra Fadnavis, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, along with other chief guests were present at an event in Mumbai

The 26/11 attacks saw scores of security personnel, civilians, and even foreigners lose their lives, and everyone felt like it they had lost someone near and dear. The attacks in the financial capital of India had left a scar in everyone’s minds and Indians have resolved not to forget or forgive. While India had been a victim of terrorism many times prior to 26/11, this right in the heart of the country exposed the vulnerability of our security apparatus and raised many questions in people’s minds. We pray that such incidents never happen again in which our NSG commandos bravery and presence of mind, and our security personnels willingness to risk their lives saved many from almost certain death.

To those brave men-our NSG commandos and Mumbai Police personnel-who made the supreme sacrifice in that horrific incident, we, on the behalf of the whole nation, salute their bravery.

In response to the 26/11 attacks, the Indian government put in place new security institutions and legal anti-terrorism mechanisms. As our army guards us vigilantly, we feel more secure today, whether you are at a mall or in a metro train.

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But life has to move on cannot come to a halt. Regardless of the pain in our hearts, we, as an events company celebrate life through food, music, and our culture. We also endeavour to become a conduit between the common man and our brave security personnel who are ready to sacrifice everything, including their lives, for the nation.

Since 2017, we have been organizing commemorative events for the martyr’s and their families, such as “26/11 Memorial Day: We Wont Forget, We Wont Forgive” and “Run for Security: A Run Honouring the 26/11 Martyrs and the Indian Army“. In all these events, we have got overwhelming support from common citizens. The first edition of Run for Security, for instance saw over 15,000 people participate.

It is heartwarming to meet the families, Ms. Vaishali Omble (daughter of Shaheed Tukaram Omble) Mrs. Tarabai Omble (Wife of Shaheed Tukaram Omble), Mr. K. Unnikrishnan & Mr.s Dhanalakshmi Unnikrishnan (parents of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan) of these heroes who are proud of how their father and son served our country.

Remembering our Bravehearts
Remembering the martyrs of 26/11 this year, we honoured the innocent victims and the bravehearts who gave their lives in the #mumbaiterrorattack 14 years ago on #26/11.

During #OpBlackTornado, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who was in charge of operation Black Tornado, led the team tasked with flushing out the cowardly terrorists. Major Unnikrishnan made the supreme sacrifice in this Operation and fought valiantly till the end. Even Shaheed Tukaram Omble ji is one of the greatest sons of our soil. No words or awards can describe the courage, presence of mind, and selflessness demonstrated by him on that day.

Instead of being terrorised, we stand braver and stronger today, shoulder to shoulder, and pledge to never let terrorism win. India today knows that peace can only be negotiated from a position of strength.

We werent afraid then, and we wont be afraid now.