Arushi Handa in Kudi Kamaal
Pannu  Maan & Heera singh and the stunning actress Arushi Handa, who also took part in Splitsvilla 11 features in the beautiful song Kudi Kamaal,

Have you seen Arushi Handa featured in the new song “Kudi Kamaal,” of Pannu Maan and Heera singh? Not yet? The song was recently released on the YouTube and can be enjoyed at Stereosinghz music channel.

The amazing song Kudi Kamaal is composed by the young brothers Pannu  Maan & Heera singh. Sung by both the brother duo. Kudi Kaaal song is filmed in Dubai, featuring the expensive cars. Pannu  Maan & Heera singh and the stunning actress Arushi Handa, who also took part in Splitsvilla 11 features in the beautifully crafted video.

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The musical duo, Pannu Maan and Heera Singh are confident that their hard work will surely pay. Both of them have really put great efforts into the song and are sure that the music industry would appreciate their work.
‘Kudi Kamaal’, is a trendy upbeat dance song with a happy vibe, recently posted on the Stereosinghz music channel on YouTube.

Pannu  Maan & Heera singh  are thankful and motivated by the affection and acclaim that “kudi kamaal” has received from music fans, and they make a commitment to continue their wonderful job in all of their future songs.

All about the musical duo, Pannu Maan & Heera Singh

Pannu  Maan & Heera singh brothers share a great love for Indian Western music. Both of them went to school and grew up together. Heera Singh began singing at the age of 12, while Pannu Maan started singing when he was 9 years old.

Every time, they would first talk about the song’s concept before beginning together. One of the individuals composes and writes, while the other organizes. Three of the songs they have written and performed have already been released.

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They come from a musical family and are attempting to carry on the tradition as the eighth generation. His grandfather was a rhythmist who collaborated with Lata Mangeshkar Ji and created many excellent songs, including Kajra Mohabbat Wala and Chup Chup Khade Ho Jarur Koi Baat Hai etc.

Pannu’s inspiration is Mika Singh and Ustad Harinder Singh Fakkar, while Heera draws inspiration from his father and Irish DJ Avicii. Pannu and Heera have also worked with Mika Singh on his music channel and are happy to have Mika as a mentor in the music industry.

They want to make sure they are on top, win an Indian Grammy and explore themselves in Sufi Thumri Folk as well as pop hip hop rock.

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